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A brief history of insurance, and what it means for Web 3.0.

The growth of any industry necessitates sophisticated insurance products. The risks inherent in exploration and entrepreneurship must be mitigated and managed. It is no different in the nascent crypto/blockchain space …

Rembrandt, The Storm on the Sea of Galilee. 1633. The first form of formal insurance was marine insurance — covering the loss or damage of ships and cargo. One is tempted to draw a poetic parallel to the ‘rough seas’ of the present-day crypto/DeFi market.

The idioms “save for a rainy day”

My thoughts on the state of the blockchain space

I was asked to answer several questions for a media feature, but the article was unfortunately shelved, and I didn’t want my responses to go to waste :)

I realized while answering these questions, that this was the first time I publicly talked about blockchain really “high-level” — even though…

This is an introduction to one element of API3's technical design.

Piet Mondrian, Composition with Red, Yellow, and Blue. 1942, Tate Modern, London. (Detail.)

The API3 solution to the API connectivity problem requires an ecosystem with a large number of first-party oracles. Airnode’s role in this is to make first-party oracles a reality.


Airnode is an oracle node specifically engineered for API-provider operated…

Saša Milić

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