Quick note: retraining my attention

Keeping up with crypto twitter is somewhat of a necessity if you work in the industry. But it really does damage to one’s attention span. Not to blame my dwindling ability to concentrate on external factors, but I think it’s definitely been a primary contributor recently. There’s a wide range of meditative techniques designed to retrain the concentration faculty, but I’ve never been quite good at meditation.

Recently I’ve been reading my e-books on Kindle with the “word runner” feature, which displays text one word at a time. I also started reading while listening to this. I’m someone prone to disassociative tenancies, so sometimes I stare at a page while my mind wanders. You can’t really do that when words are quickly scrolling by. The intention with all of this was to finish books faster, but it’s accomplished a bigger objective of retraining my ability to pay attention.




crypto/blockchain researcher

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Saša Milić

Saša Milić

crypto/blockchain researcher

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